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Hitachi Global Air Power is a global leader in delivering durable, dependable and energy-efficient compressed air solutions, with our range of oil-free and oil-injected air compressors and accessories specifically designed for Australian conditions. Renowned for localised service, expert support and technical proficiency, we are committed to powering your ongoing success.

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Elevate your operations with Australian-made excellence

Experience unrivalled performance and unmatched durability with Champion CSI & CSF series compressors. Built locally for Australia’s harshest conditions, these rotary screw air compressors deliver reliability, efficiency and safety in any environment. Upgrade to Australian-made quality today.

The Hitachi Global Air Power difference

Hitachi Global Air Power redefines industry standards with our cutting-edge compressed air equipment, service, maintenance and support. Our unified dedication to research and innovation sets us apart, driven by the collective power of Hitachi companies.

Our Difference

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