Customer Care Planning

Experience our customer care plans, offering preventative maintenance for Hitachi, Sullair, Champion and beyond. Discover three levels of care designed for efficient, fixed-price servicing.

Customer Care Planning

Customised Compressor Care

Effective compressor preventative maintenance assures a reliable and efficient flow of your air supply. At Hitachi Global Air Power, our Customer Care Plans play a pivotal role in achieving this. By implementing a comprehensive Customer Care Plan, you can eliminate the risk of unexpected stoppages that could disrupt your operations.

Our plans are designed to align with the specific needs of your business and production schedules. Hitachi Global Air Power offers a tailored approach, ensuring that your compressors continue to perform at optimal efficiency, ultimately resulting in significant cost savings.

The fixed-price nature of our Customer Care Plans provides you with certainty and peace of mind throughout the year. Services are performed at optimal intervals, adhering to budgeted pricing, minimising the potential for operational disruptions and financial uncertainties.

Our plans also offer the flexibility to be adjusted and customised every two years, ensuring continuous care for the lifetime of your equipment. With the reassurance of our Customer Care Plans in place, your maintenance team can focus on their core responsibilities, knowing that your equipment is in capable hands.

Our three-tier care programs cater to a wide range of business needs. Whether it’s routine servicing, preventative maintenance or urgent repairs, our Customer Care Plans ensure that your compressors perform reliably. Discover the details of each plan and the differences in their offerings below.

Customer Care Planning


Customer Care Standard Service Agreement

Experience unparalleled reliability with Hitachi Global Air Power’s Customer Care – Standard Service Agreement. Beyond purchase, our commitment extends to exceptional post-sale support. Whether you require assistance via phone or an on-site technician, we’re there whenever and wherever you need us.

Hitachi Global Air Power’s Customer Care – Standard Service Agreement ensures dependable and efficient servicing for your Hitachi, Champion and Sullair products as well as other equipment brands. This agreement covers essential consumables such as air filters, oil filters, separator elements and more, ensuring continuous performance.

Our comprehensive service pricing includes not only parts but also labour, travel and accommodation for onsite work, offering you an all-inclusive solution that’s similar to capped price servicing through a dealership. While additional services such as labour, mobilisation and consumables come at an extra cost, they are available for you to tailor the agreement to your specific needs.

Take the first step towards uninterrupted performance. Choose Hitachi Global Air Power’s Customer Care – Standard Service Agreement for reliable servicing and comprehensive coverage. Your equipment deserves the best.


Customer Care Plan Plus

Our Customer Care Plan Plus introduces an elevated level of service, incorporating component service kits for essential control components of your equipment. Specifically tailored to Hitachi, Champion and Sullair products, this plan includes the installation of service kits corresponding to key elements.

In addition to the consumables covered under the Standard Service Agreement, the Customer Care Plan Plus integrates component service kits. These kits are installed according to the recommended service schedule, ensuring consistent peak performance and prolonged durability.

While the Customer Care Plan Plus enhances your service agreement, our commitment to flexibility and tailored solutions remains unwavering. Additional services such as labour, mobilisation (including accommodation if applicable) and consumable and environmental charges are available for added costs, providing a comprehensive approach to your equipment’s upkeep.

When you choose our Customer Care Plan Plus, you’re opting for an advanced service package that optimises the efficiency and longevity of your equipment, while maintaining our commitment to customisation and flexibility.

Customer Care Planning
Customer Care Planning


Customer Care By Design

Hitachi Global Air Power’s Customer Care by Design goes beyond standard offerings, tailoring solutions for distinctive needs. Designed primarily for non-Hitachi, Champion or Sullair products, this specialised service offering utilises a comprehensive approach.

With a strong emphasis on flexibility, Customer Care by Design caters precisely to your business’ specific requirements. Whether involving tender responses or distinct costing structures, it accommodates noted parts, applied labour, mobilisation and consumable and environmental charges as needed.

This service plan includes the same consumables as our other offerings, while also introducing unique inclusions tailored to specific needs. Recognising the uniqueness of each situation, Hitachi Global Air Power recognises that no two scenarios are alike. By selecting Customer Care by Design, you’re choosing a service solution that seamlessly adjusts to your varied equipment landscape and operational needs, ensuring optimal performance and peace of mind. Trust us to meet your distinct business demands.

Let us help you find the right customer care plan for your needs