Service Solutions

Experience dependable airflow with Hitachi Global Air Power’s proactive and highly specialised service solutions. Your equipment is in safe hands.

Service solutions

Centrifugal Compressor Servicing

Regular servicing is the key to dependable and long-lasting performance. Maximise the benefits of our specialised air compressor servicing and boost the efficiency of your equipment.

At Hitachi Global Air Power, our centrifugal service team believe any equipment is only as good as the attention it’s given. That’s why they pay close attention to assessing, advising, and supporting you to ensure your centrifugal machine gets the best care possible, whatever the environment.

Our free health check* assesses the performance and integrity of your centrifugal compressors and identifies the attention they need to be in peak condition. Today, and always.

*Hitachi Global Air Power’s health checks are generally free of charge, but additional costs may occur and will be assessed and advised at the time of booking.

Air Audits

Guarantee your compressor system’s efficiency with Hitachi Global Air Power’s free Air Audit service. Detect and mitigate airflow losses and maximise efficient operations of your equipment. Our nationwide support ensures convenient and proactive compressor maintenance, saving you valuable time and money. Optimise your equipment for maximum performance and get your systems working smarter.

Service solutions
Service solutions

Air End Exchange

Explore our Air End Exchange Service options for seamless air compressor maintenance. Choose between a comprehensive assessment and repair or convenient off-the-shelf replacements, tailored to your needs. Our team of experts is here to offer personalised guidance for the longevity of your machine, simplifying operations and boosting your compressor’s performance.

AirLinx™ Remote Monitoring System

Elevate your maintenance program with our Airlinx™ Remote Monitoring System. This service actively and precisely monitors your air compressor’s real-time parameters and performance, sharing instant alerts for any unscheduled stops. This advanced technology was designed to improve system reliability by preventing unplanned downtime and ensuring timely servicing, ultimately safeguarding your investment.

Service solutions

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