Servicing and Repairs

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    Servicing and repairs


    Having just purchased a valuable asset for your business you want to be sure it is installed and commissioned correctly so as to give the long reliable service you need.

    Compressed air systems are complex pieces of equipment and reliable service requires careful consideration of several critical factors:

    • Space, Access and correct machine foundations
    • Ventilation Electrical supply and systems
    • Reticulation system design, pipe dimensions, air receiver volume

    Factory trained Hitachi Global Air Power technicians can either carry out this work for you or engage trusted partners to assist you if you take the DIY approach.


    Regular servicing will go a long way to ensuring your compressed air system operates reliably and has a long life.

    In regular servicing we change ‘consumable’ parts such as a filter, vee belts, oil etc. These are parts that have a finite and need to be replaced at regular intervals. Think of it as with your car – oil, filters need to be changes every scheduled service.

    Also, similar to your car, there are other parts that while they may have a much longer life, do also have a predictable life expectancy. In a car this might be the brake pads, spark plugs or clutch. Compressors have similar parts pertaining to critical functions that are fundamental to reliable operation. Hitachi Global Air Power can advise you what these parts are in your particular machine and what their life expectancy is. That way you can choose to replace these parts before they fail – ensuring greater service availability.

    In most cases the replacement of preventative maintenance parts can be scheduled to coincide with a regular service, thereby saving you time and money. Also, our factory trained Hitachi Global Air Power technicians only use genuine OEM replacement spare parts and lubricants.

    Servicing and repairs

    Servicing and repairs


    With any complex piece of equipment breakdowns will almost inevitably occur.

    Regular servicing with Hitachi Global Air Power’s preventative maintenance kits will dramatically reduce the likelihood of a breakdown. If compressed air is critical to your business and you operate outside of or beyond traditional business hours we are able to provide a 24/7 breakdown service.

    Factory trained Hitachi Global Air Power technicians around the country operate 24/7.

    A call to our national access line 1300 266 773 will put you in contact with the support technician whatever the time of day or night. In most cases the technician will be on his way to you within the hour.

    So now you can get on with your business with the peace of mind of knowing help is just a phone call away.


    While Hitachi Global Air Power offers and provides standard ‘off the shelf’ support agreements such as ‘Partner Care’ we can also tailor a support agreement specifically for your business and equipment.

    Requirements such as:

    • Service intervals
    • Regular and preventative parts
    • SLA (Service Level Agreement) for response and resolution time for breakdowns
    • On site storage of spare parts
    • Backup compressors
    • Priority help line
    • Technical support and training

    Those can all be tailored and formally agreed in a bespoke service agreement.

    Please contact us to find out the best service option for your needs.

    Servicing and repairs

    Servicing and repairs


    How does the Hitachi Global Air Power Air End Exchange Service work?

    In the event your machines’ air end requires repair or replacement you have two options:

    Your air end can be removed and returned to one of our air end centres (Melbourne, Mackay, Newcastle and Perth) at which time it will be fully stripped and assessed. You will be advised of the cost of repair and the required lead time.

    Alternatively, you can ‘exchange’ – by purchasing an off the shelf replacement air end from your local Hitachi Global Air Power service centre. Your old air end is returned as a ‘trade in’ on your new air end.

    Clearly the ‘off the shelf’ replacement reduces down-time for your machine however, it is not always the right choice.

    Call 1300 266 773 to speak with your local service manager and discuss which option is best for your machine.


    The Hitachi Global Air Power ‘Partner Care Program’ provides for economical fixed price servicing for all compressors and peripheral equipment, regardless of their make or model.

    By signing up for Partner Care you receive discounted parts and labour, as compared to normal retail pricing. You also receive priority treatment for regular and breakdown servicing.

    Regular maintenance of your compressor air system, ensuring that it is kept running within factory specifications as our engineers intended, is the key to optimum efficiency and your business success.

    Hitachi Global Air Power’s Partner Care program guarantees that your compressor runs efficiently, saving you thousands of dollars over its operational life.

    Servicing and repairs

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