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Hitachi Global Air Power is committed to keeping your air flowing, elevating your compressor performance to propel your business forward.

About Hitachi Global Air Power

As a prominent global leader in oil-free and oil-injected air compressors and accessories, Hitachi Global Air Power stands at the forefront of delivering robust, reliable and energy-efficient compressed air solutions.

Offering a range of category-leading brands, including Sullair, Champion and Hitachi, we are driven by a commitment to continuous innovation and ensuring that your business benefits from an advanced compressed air product range. Complementing our cutting-edge equipment, we deliver localised expert service, maintenance and ongoing customer support, assuring optimal performance of your compressors and seamless operations for your business.

Renowned for our exceptional customer service and technical expertise, we have solidified our presence as a trusted partner for some of Australia’s leading brands, spanning manufacturing, mining, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, engineering and utilities. Our ability to leverage the combined strength of Hitachi Group companies as part of One Hitachi enables us to deliver tailored, digitally-driven solutions that comprehensively meet our customers’ needs.

At Hitachi Global Air Power, we are redefining excellence in compressed air equipment, service, maintenance and support, empowering your business to thrive in a dynamic and competitive landscape. Experience the Hitachi Global Air Power difference and elevate your business with advanced innovations in compressed air solutions.

Our product range


Experience our industry leading range of advanced products, featuring fit for purpose stationary and portable compressed air solutions and accompanying accessories.

Powered by cutting-edge technology, our robust, resilient and energy efficient equipment assures smooth operations, propelling your business forward without compromise.

Why our clients choose us and continue to choose us every day


Reliability and durability

Hitachi Global Air Power is reliable every step of the way. Our dependable and durable products work day in and day out around the country, and are made specifically to work in harsh Australian conditions. From our products to our service team, you can rely on us.


High performance of Sullair, Champion and Hitachi products

All of Hitachi Global Air Power’s products operate to extremely high standards, and we are constantly working to improve our products and help give you a competitive edge with our high performing and reliable products.


Efficiency (both cost and energy)

Hitachi Global Air Power’s compressed air solutions are both cost and energy efficient to keep your every day work and your business running effortlessly.


Support, always

Hitachi Global Air Power provides local support to all our customers, with over 40 service staff over 22 locations around Australia. Our national team is passionate about solving customers’ problems and going above and beyond.


Technical knowledge

From simple to complex problems, either in specification and installation, Hitachi Global Air Power has industry experts who are able to talk the same language as your team. We complement and support your team to solve problems efficiently. With Hitachi Global Air Power, you won’t be dealing with a salesperson, you’ll be dealing with a problem solver and industry expert. This allows us to work in highly complex technical environments.


Fit for purpose

We are constantly manufacturing, maintaining and improving our products to ensure that they are entirely fit for purpose. No matter what industry you’re in, or how you’re using compressed air, Hitachi Global Air Power has the perfect fit for purpose product for you.



Hitachi Global Air Power takes sustainability seriously, and is continuously leveraging technology and innovation to increase the efficiency and productivity of our products with less of an impact on the environment.


Competitive pricing

Hitachi Global Air Power is proud to offer competitive pricing on all our products, without compromising on quality. We even offer our Managed Air Power service, making compressed air more accessible, no matter your budget constraints.



Hitachi Global Air Power is committed to exceptional quality product and customer service, always. We have a responsibility to our clients to provide the best solutions and service possible.

Our history

Discover the legacy of Hitachi Global Air Power, embodying the culmination of nearly two centuries of compressed air expertise and localised service. Explore our evolution marked by a dedication to empowering our customers with cutting-edge designs and innovative engineering solutions.



Air Power Installations began in Victoria



The company changed its name to Champion Compressors



Champion Compressors launched on the Australian Stock Exchange



Champion signed a 25 year licensing agreement with Sullair, which significantly expanded the Australian range and enabled improvements in the Champion range with the incorporation of Sullair’s airends



The business is bought by Austrim Nylex



Sullair acquires the company



Accudyne Industries acquires Sullair



Hitachi acquires Sullair, and remains the masterbrand in Australia, encompassing all oil-free, stationary, portable products across Sullair, Champion, Shoptek, and Hitachi brands



Sullair Australia officially becomes Hitachi Global Air Power Australia Pty Ltd


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