Sustainability isn’t a corporate buzzword at Hitachi Global Air Power; it is a backbone of our business.

Sustainability at Hitachi Global Air Power means leveraging technology and innovation to increase efficiency and productivity with less of an impact on our environment.

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Our Approach

As Hitachi Global Air Power continues to grow in markets around the globe, we bring with us a belief that successful businesses improve the human condition. Our quality program is the operating system that enables us to fully leverage our approach and ensure that performance and responsibility are fully integrated in our operations.

Everywhere we do business, we measure success with the same set of financial, operational, ethical, environmental, and safety metrics.


Hitachi Global Air Power strives to maintain the highest environmental standards everywhere that we do business. Environmental sustainability is an important part of our operations, products and services.

Hitachi Global Air Power sets aggressive environmental goals and pursues them by continuously improving our processes at every level of the company.


Corporate citizenship at Hitachi Global Air Power includes minimising the environmental impact of our products and operations, providing a safe work environment for employees, developing energy-efficient products, and supporting charitable causes in the communities where we work and do business.

To effectively respond to the needs of our communities we provide employees with the opportunity to share their time with non-profit organisations. Our charitable giving focuses on issues that allow us to support and leverage our employee volunteer efforts.


Hitachi Global Air Power is committed to treating all employees fairly, encouraging diversity and providing safe working conditions. At Hitachi Global Air Power we strive for zero work-related injuries in order to protect our employees – our most valuable assets. We actively embrace diversity and inclusion in our workplace. Diversity, a competitive asset, allows us to accurately and efficiently interact with our markets and serve our customers.


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