Hitachi Global Air Power Managed Air Power.

A pressure relief valve for your business.

The acquisition of a significant piece of plant or equipment represents substantial capital outlay for any company.

Hitachi Global Air Power’s Managed Air Power (MAP), is a major breakthrough in the purchase of air compressor equipment in Australia.

It begins with an assessment of your compressed air needs followed by Hitachi Global Air Power specifying, customising and installing the appropriate plant solution. Hitachi Global Air Power takes over all the maintenance and servicing over five years. At the end of the agreement you can decide on a number of options such as contract extension, outright purchase or have the equipment removed.

That’s MAP – total control of your compressed air needs, without significant upfront capital outlay. It’s just one of Hitachi Global Air Power’s client partnering initiatives to make compressed air easy.

Managed Air Power

Here are just some of MAP’s benefits:

Managed Air Power

Maximised reliability and uptime

of your compressed air system – keeping your business operations continually up and running.

Managed Air Power

Improved productivity

Outsourcing the management of your air compressor system to an expert means that you can focus your resources solely on your core business.

Managed Air Power

Full monthly reporting

of your compressed air system including usage, servicing and performance, giving you the peace of mind, both financially and operationally.

Managed Air Power

Expedite purchasing of new or replacement equipment

MAP allows you to treat purchases as an operating expense rather than a Capex budget item. Don’t delay investment in replacement equipment or incur costly repairs if your existing systems are approaching the end of their effective life. Equally, if you are planning new sites or projects, MAP allows you to acquire new equipment without drawing down on Capex budgets if they are constrained.

Managed Air Power

Easy budget management

Enjoy the convenience and certainty of one monthly invoice for a flat monthly fee (based on your projected annual consumption) which includes the equipment, parts and maintenance, and monitoring and management of your compressed air system. Unexpected expenses from your compressed air system are no longer a concern.

Hitachi Global Air Power Managed Air Power is the comprehensive solution to all your compressed air needs. It provides:

  • An analysis of your compressed air needs—including future growth
  • Installation of a complete Hitachi Global Air Power compressed air solution tailored to your specific requirements for air flow, pressure and air quality. The complete installation includes:
    • Compressors – both oil-free and oil-injected (stationary only), customisation (as required) air treatment, storage, and remote monitoring solutions
    • Ongoing maintenance and management of your system for worry-free uptime (standard contract term is 5 years)

You provide connections for compressed air and electricity. Hitachi Global Air Power will take care of the rest — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Managed Air Power

The MAP advantage

Comprehensive up-front audit and analysis

By deploying our expert engineers, we gain a thorough understanding of your business and brief, both current and future state, to ensure our specified solution is fit-for-purpose.

Solutions customised specifically for your operations

Solutions are specific to your business needs and if required can be paired with existing plant if the MAP install is providing increased output to an existing system.

Comprehensive solution management

Everything is considered — from space required to solution redundancy, from air quality to air consumption, from maintenance to repair.

Around the clock monitoring and management

We remotely monitor your compressed air operations 24/7/365 to ensure maximum uptime. Real time monitoring will allow us to optimise system output and also allow us to detect and address potential concerns before they impact your business.

Let us help you find the right compressor for your needs