HPL 1500 Portable Compressor Fluids

HPL 1500 is a new fluid in the Sullair family of fluids designed specifically for high pressure (300 – 500 psig) portable compressors.

  • Longer life—Under normal conditions, HPL 1500 has a change interval of 1500 hours as compared to 300 – 800 for most competitive products, significantly reducing downtime maintenance costs.
  • Testing—HPL 1500 was subjected to a rigorous battery of testing over a 2 year period of time and passed every test with flying colors.
  • Compatibility—HPL 1500 is compatible with any high pressure portable no matter what make. You only need to stock one fluid to maintain your fleet of compressors.
  • Multiviscosity—HPL 1500 is a highly refined synthetic hydrocarbon fluid formulated to allow easier cold weather starting while providing exceptional lubrication in extreme hot or cold service.
  • 5 year warranty—The compressor unit will have a 5 year warranty as long as it continues to operate with HPL 1500 and the fluid is changed annually.