Sullair oil-free air compressor solution enables Australian pharmaceutical company to diversify and expand globally


Our client is an emerging global drug development and contract manufacturing organisation (CMO) serving biopharmaceutical development companies, research institutes, veterinary drug companies and universities based in North America, Asia, Australasia and Europe.

Our client develops and GMP* manufactures:

  • Recombinant proteins and vaccines
  • Live Biotherapeutics
  • Plasmid DNA
  • Human and veterinary products

This line of manufacturing was new for our client and important for their future growth.

The company required a compressed air solution that delivered high-quality, clean and certified class zero oil-free air, as well as strong technical acumen to ensure correct product specification and installation.

It was also important that the equipment performed optimally over time to maintain quality and Standards compliance and the associated annual stringent air quality tests.


We proposed a SRL16.5-ME5A 8.5Bar Pressure SRL Scroll Air Compressor, which is third party certified to Class Zero as 100% oil-free.

Sullair accessories including an air receiver, refrigerated dryer and filters were also specified and successfully installed and commissioned using our qualified team of technicians in an extremely challenging environment. The compressor is regularly serviced by Sullair’s highly qualified technicians, and has provided trouble-free operation since mid 2019.

The solution was fit-for-purpose because this air compressor:

  • does not require lubricating oil, meaning that it does not experience oil emulsifying issues due to low operating temperatures caused by infrequent running conditions.
  • is also extremely quiet with a noise level of only 50dBA, about the same noise as a dishwasher.
    is equipped with Remote Start capability and Black Start on mains power loss as standard.
  • has a controller with alarm outputs for remote monitoring, offering the customer peace of mind.


Our client is extremely happy with the solution. This high quality air allowed them to operate reliably and to quality, as well as to expand their business in new directions.

The installation of the compressors was seamless and without business disruption, despite the confined footprint.

Low noise levels of the compressor meant that no expensive additional sound attenuation was necessary.

Our client achieved significant energy savings because there was no unloading run on timer.

The air compressor only runs when required as there is no need to keep the air compressor warm to prevent moisture condensing in and emulsifying the oil as in oil injected air compressors.

Our client enjoys servicing costs by using an oil-free air compressor, as there is no need to regularly change oil and oil filters, as is the case with oil lubricated screw air compressors. The main service items for Sullair Scroll Air Compressors are simply the air intake filter and annual greasing of the bearings.

Our client now uses a variety of Sullair products across their business. Our partnership is founded on strong personal relationships and high technical knowledge, and has enabled them to diversify and successfully expand their business globally.

*GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice describes a set of principles and procedures that when followed helps ensure that therapeutic goods are of high quality.


Let us help you find the right compressor for your needs

Let us help you find the right compressor
for your needs