Sullair oil-free screw air compressors support pharmaceutical industry


Our customer is an international pharmaceutical company. They have one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Australia, and one of the most comprehensive portfolios of medicines in the country.

The customer was projecting an increase in their air demand through their manufacturing site and had a set of old air compressors from other manufacturers, in two different compressor rooms. They wanted to replace the old inefficient compressors for state-of-the-art oil-free compressed air technology.

The pharmaceutical engineering team wanted a turnkey solution that would ensure premium Class Zero air quality, and a low and stable pressure dew point (in line with pharmaceutical company strict standards). It was also important that the resulting solution maximised energy efficiency, was extremely reliable, high performance and accompanied by long-term service and support.


We developed a complete turnkey solution for the customer, for two compressor rooms, including two oil-free air screw compressors 160kW Variable Speed Drive along with their ancillary package, to deliver 7.5 bar at -40°C Pressure Dew point.

The Sullair DSP screw compressors are third party certified to Class Zero as 100% oil-free. The main assemblies, including the motor, VSD drive and innovative Air End are designed and manufactured at our factory by Hitachi. The Air End offers superior corrosion resistance and durability thanks to stainless steel rotors and patented PTFE-Free rotor coating. It also features a patented taper rotor design, optimised for efficiency. DSP compressors are designed to optimise energy efficiency and oil-free operation – the IPC Mode (Fix Speed & VSD) delivers 7.5% on energy savings and the patented High Pre-Cooler Design helps to prevent thermal fatigue and cooler failure.


The turnkey package (along with the desiccant dryers, air receivers, filtration system, instrumentation, drainage network and all-in stainless-steel piping) were successfully installed and commissioned as per the timeline that was planned with the customer.
Since then, our customer has been operating with a reliable, performant, and energy efficient oil-free air compressed air system, guaranteeing constant premium air quality to their manufacturing site. The customer is also retrieving all compressed air data available from Modbus output (RS485 interface – DSP controller) to its Scada system. Our customer is proud of the Sullair state-of-the art oil-free compressed package and subsequently facilitated planned visits for some of our key customers for reference.

Premium air quality, reliability, performance, and service support were the main four factors why the customer selected this customised turnkey oil-free compressor solution from Sullair.

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Let us help you find the right compressor for your needs

Let us help you find the right compressor
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