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At Hitachi Global Air Power, we’re committed to driving environmental sustainability through continuous innovation across our entire product catalogue.

Our mission is to reduce the environmental impact on Australia’s commercial and industrial landscapes with groundbreaking compressed air solutions. We pride ourselves on developing eco-friendly air compressor equipment that delivers top-tier performance, continuing the legacy of excellence Hitachi Global Air Power is known for.

Leading the way in sustainable practices

Our sustainability initiatives and eco-friendly practices are at the core of everything we do.

Energy-efficient products

We maximise air compressor performance while minimising energy consumption.

Eco-friendly manufacturing processes

We reduce waste and our overall carbon footprint when manufacturing our products.

Integration of renewable energy sources

We incorporate renewable energy to power our production and innovations.

We need your input!
We’re looking to the future and we need your help. Your insights on the electrification requirements for our portable program are essential in shaping our innovative approaches and driving us towards a greener tomorrow.

Your feedback will fuel our sustainability initiatives, enabling us to develop cutting-edge compressed air solutions that set new industry standards.

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