Sullair revives the CSF 22 compressor: a fit for purpose solution offering seamless integration and uninterrupted production


Our client is a leading global mining company, with Australian operations that have made them one of the top exporters of metallurgical coal in the world.

Our client:

  • Produces high quality hard coking coal
  • Exports coal for steel production critical to global building and infrastructure projects
  • Manages a portfolio of world class mining operations, growth projects and exploration initiatives

This type of mining fundamentally relies on drag line and shovel machines, powered by the CSF series of compressors, which have traditionally been used extensively in this equipment.

The client’s need was for a pre-existing machine, that could be replaced due to end of life, via a simple exchange, rather than having to deal with the complexity of upgrading to the next generation of equipment.

As new models were developed in line with advancing technologies, the footprint for the compressor changed, and the CSF 22 was phased out, and replaced with the newer CSA model. The client’s need for a solution that fit the existing footprint, motivated the drive to market of a previously discontinued product.


Though previously discontinued, the solution the CSF 22 from the Champion CSF Series presented to the client was undeniable.

Reintroduction of a pre-existing product meant slight improvements had to be made to the internal parts, such as more robust latching and fans. Issues identified as problematic in the past were resolved and the machine was built up to provide the desired function of the previous version, with an upgraded level of quality and capacity.

Because the machine had proven itself across the industry, the reintroduction of the CSF 22 offered a much simpler solution, by way of replacement rather than a total upgrade.

The solution was ideal because:

  • it was widely known and used across the marketplace
  • being fit for purpose streamlined it to the existing footprint as required
  • its proven durability provided an efficient and reliable solution
  • Australian based production meant fast turnaround to delivery for installation
  • ease of installation meant issues were resolved within the scheduled one-day shutdown


The client needed a replacement product, that could be seamlessly installed and integrated into their operational schedule. Relaunching the CSF 22 came in direct recognition of practicalities such as these, and in response to popular demand from clients who had happily enjoyed trouble free service from the CSF for many years previously.

With new models containing direct drives, their design largely restricts them to stationary operations. The very nature of drag line and shovel equipment requires operation on uneven surfaces, whilst in motion. This essential operational detail revealed the unquestionable advantage of the previous belt driven model, and the urgent need for production on it to be resumed and the product reintroduced as fit for purpose for mining shovel and dragline applications.

With newer models produced in China, one of the key benefits of the CSF 22 for the client is its Australian manufacturing status. Identification of a pre-existing product that would provide the solution they needed was one thing, but the capacity for replacement products to be shipped within Australia and installed by Sullair technicians, intimately familiar with our OEM products meant that a seamless solution was delivered, providing no interruption to production and installed within the designated shutdown period.

Without a one vendor policy, mining sites manage a range of products of varying degree of reliability, effectiveness and cost efficiency. Receiving a solution that was both responsive and creative delivered the results the client needed. It also served to deepen their confidence in us as a reliable service partner that can provide preventative maintenance and solutions that ensure uninterrupted production.


Let us help you find the right compressor for your needs

Let us help you find the right compressor
for your needs