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A consistent, reliable supply of compressed air is essential across a vast range of applications. For many industries, the criticality of that air supply being clean and dry cannot be underestimated.

Air that enters a compressor from the atmosphere already contains a certain amount of moisture, the concentration of which increases considerably as the air is compressed. Compressed air becomes saturated and more likely to attract and bind contaminants. Issues such as corrosion, or a build-up of particulate matter (dirt, biological materials), oil, or condensation, can then result, impacting connecting pipelines and fittings. For food and beverage manufacturers there is enormous risk if this happens, with end product contamination potentially costing thousands of dollars in consumer reporting, product recalls, and lost productivity due to unplanned downtime and maintenance.

There are several factors at play when it comes to considering dryer options, and specifics vary around the type of dryer required across industry and application. Refrigerated dryers cover more than 80% of market requirements, with most purposes generally requiring a dewpoint of between 1° and 4°. In instances where ultra-dry air is required a desiccant dryer is a more suitable choice.

Introducing the Sullair SRD range

Sullair’s product offerings are adapting in line with Sullair Hitachi’s Sustainable Development Goals and the outcome is equipment that is future-forward by design. The innovative new Sullair SRD Smart refrigerated dryer range is a great example of this. These products do everything existing dryer products do, but these units are next-generation models, offering the highest efficiency and the latest technology. They contain several new and exciting features that offer advanced capability and efficiency and are focused on providing better solutions that most importantly, protect the climate and the environment.

R513A refrigerant with Low GWP

With regulations changing in the coming decade around the use of environmentally harmful refrigerant gases, the new smart dyers contain Low GWP refrigerant, in compliance with the F-Gas Regulation (EU 517/2014). The last amendment to The Montreal Protocol in 2014 on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer determined that refrigerant gases with high and medium Global Warming Potential (GWP) would be banned as of 2030. The WHO technical report Environmental management of refrigerant gases and refrigeration equipment states: “Refrigerant gases containing chlorine or bromine have a high Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and damage the planet’s ozone layer. These and several other gases also have a high Global Warming Potential (GWP) and contribute disproportionately to the continuing increase in global warming.”

Status LED strip

Analogue gauges are a thing of the past with the SRD range. On floor assessment of function is easily provided with a full-length status LED strip across the front of the unit. Colour changes from blue (compressor running), to green (energy-saving mode) to red (alarm, compressor off), to no light (dryer off), indicate different stages of operation, all clearly visible from a considerable distance.

Hot Gas Valve (HGV)

Previous iterations of refrigerated dryers usually contain a mechanical version of the HGV, and operate simply between an upper and lower limit – at the lower limit it would auto turn off, turning itself back on when the upper limit is reached. That process is controlled electronically in the new range, operating at finer tolerances. The precise and fast step control ensures airflow and temperature are easily controlled, and the optimum dewpoint is achieved. The result is smoother operation and better energy efficiency.

Flexible installation

The possibility of exchanging the clamped manifold caps and flanges on these units means the air-inlet and outlet can be moved from one side to the other. A small design adjustment but great progress when considering the dryer can stay in one place and be connected on either side, with no piping obstructing the front or sides of the unit, as was previously the case.

Touch screen controllers

The controllers have also advanced to electronic, with touch screen offerings providing simpler navigation and control. The touch screens have an easy and intuitive interface and offer features such as digital display of dewpoint, easy to change parameters to set the dewpoint, options for logging data, service reminders, alarm history, and remote access control that enables the operator to see what the dryer is doing without needing to stand right in front of the equipment.

The SRD range is an innovative addition to Sullair’s offering, exceeding the capabilities of similar equipment currently in the market and setting them well and truly ahead of the competition.

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Let us help you find the right compressor
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