Oil Free Air Compressor

Oil-Free compressors are generally used in what are considered to be ‘niche’ operations. However, many of the industries that are considered niche produce some of Australia’s most essential products and services.

This is why zero traces of oil in any of the products associated with these compressors is vital. Some examples of industries where Oil-Free compressors dominate include manufacturing of food, beverage, and pharmaceutical products; medical-grade air supply in hospitals; blood fractionation processes (separating whole blood into its components parts), as well as industrial applications such as operations at fuel refineries, metal processing facilities, recycling, and chemical plants.

The essential nature of these industries means that problems and insufficiencies are quickly identified, and the voice of the customer becomes a key driver for product development. This is especially the case with feedback regarding a competitor’s equipment – which presents a great opportunity to develop something that stands above and beyond the current market offerings.  

This was certainly the case with the DE18, a long-standing product from Sullair’s Oil-Free range. Despite its strong capabilities and wide-reaching applications, its lack of portability had become a key point of difference to its detriment. Its strengths were still important enough to keep people interested, but a drive to market for a newer more modernized version was created thanks to ongoing customer feedback and demand. A number of potential advancements had also been identified with the DE18 – around efficiency, durability, portability and reliability – many of which have been applied to this newer model. The outcome? The OFD (Oil-Free Diesel) 1550 – a towable upgraded version of the DE18, with a suite of new and exciting features. The newer version presents a vastly more advanced option than the units currently on offer from our competitors. 

The OFD 1550 contains the same size engine, but a tier three – making it a more efficient version that results in lower emissions and higher fuel efficiency. It also features external fuel connections, full fluid containment, a four-point lift and forklift pocket for ease of loading and unloading, and a 10+ hour run time.

Portability was an essential issue to be addressed and although this type of compressor is large by necessity, the 2 units are fitted onto one 48-foot wagon-style bed trailer. Mid-sized foam-filled rubber aeroplane style wheels make it easily transportable and simpler to manoeuvre. It’s also more lightweight overall than its previous iteration. 

The essence of its portability, however, is its ability to be integrated into operations without the need for electrical installation by certified technicians. Its ‘installation’ is as simple as putting it on-site, connecting an air hose from the outlet to the customer pipeline and pushing a button to turn it on.  It doesn’t need to be hooked up to the main power supply, which can impact on power outputs and result in time consuming production delays.  

Increased durability and reliability were also important factors in the upgrade – from the galvanized outer shell, to the Sullair Oil-Free air ends inside, along with durable connections and fittings, liquid-tight electrical connections with an automotive style wiring harness and a simplified air inlet system. Importantly, the new design allows for easier access to service items, has access doors for easy cooler cleaning, and a centralised drain for oil change operations.  

The OFD 1550 also includes upgraded technology features, such as GPS, which supports a built-in fleet management system. The battery is continuously charged using the onboard solar charger improving reliability of product and up time – making it not only portable but self-reliant enough to seamlessly begin operating on a wide range of job sites, regardless of availability of mains power. The 7-inch electronic STS controller with colour touchscreen display offers considerable improvement to the operational experience for the user.

Key Features of the OFD 1550

7 ̋ Sullair Touch Screen Controller (STS) Provides easy access to all compressor operation data and pressure adjustment

Multiple Lockable Service Doors Provides easy access to all service components

Durable Sullair Two-Stage Air End with high-efficiency rotors PTFE coated to resist corrosion and help extend air end life

110% Fluid Containment Frame Meets standards for operation in environmentally sensitive areas

SULLAIR OFD1550 Portable Oil-Free Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Pivoting drawbar Helps optimise space once unit is placed

Easy-Operation External Fuel Valve Extends runtime beyond ten plus hours onboard fuel capability

Site-towable running gear with steerable front axle For quick and easy transport onsite

Onboard heaters For cold weather starting and operation

Solar Battery Charger

  • For reliable startup anywhere, anytime
  • Helps ensure battery is charged and ready for startup when unit is stored outside

The OFD1550 powerfully enhances Hitachi Global Air Power’s offering in the Oil-Free Diesel space, not only matching but exceeding the capabilities of similar equipment currently in the market and setting them well and truly ahead of the competition.

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