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Champion VX series

The VX 160 and the VX 110. Sullair Australia’s next generation offerings within the Champion range.

Sullair Australia proudly launches the next generation of the Champion VX range, with the new 160KW and 110KW oil-injected screw compressors. With the promise of lower noise levels and improved efficiency – what’s not to like?

As the latest machine in our VSD (variable speed drive) range, the Champion VX series ensures supply matches demand, rather than working above the required capacity. You can fit a Champion VX with current – and future – output in mind.

What’s new?

A more energy-efficient machine

Variable Speed Drive combined with motor speed regulation and the latest 23 series air ends mean the VX series adapts easily and efficiently to changes in air demand. Compared to constant speed compressors, the Champion VX range can deliver up to 30% power savings at part loads – potentially saving you thousands of dollars in yearly energy costs.

Lower noise levels

You asked, we listened. The Champion VX series promises lower noise levels, making for a more pleasant working environment.

A world-class air end

A globally-recognised, first-class air end, the Champion VX series boasts even better efficiency and reliability than before.

Two-speed fan

The two-speed fan offers reduced power by running at lower speeds when the operating temperature of the machines are low. The high speed only kicks in when the temperature exceeds a preset level. This reduces noise and also reduces power consumption and improves efficiency of the machines.

Ready for any Australian environment

All Champion compressors are designed to meet the demanding Australian conditions – and the Champion VX series is no exception. Our IP54 electrical enclosures means extreme humidity and heat are no object for the VX series compressors, making them ideal for heavy industrial use.

Intelligent controls

The Champion VX series come supplied with an Intelligent Champion electronic controller, providing up to date information on all operating parameters of the machines. Remote monitoring options are also available with this controller.

Fully customisable and adjustable to your setup

The Champion VX series is built for easy servicing and modifications. Looking for a custom setup? That’s no issue. Customisable options include sequencing kits, stainless steel panelling, certified safety valves and more.

Interested in finding out more about the VX series or any of the Sullair Australia range? 

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Let us help you find the right compressor for your needs

Let us help you find the right compressor
for your needs