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Air Compressor

With day-to-day operations more unpredictable than ever, the last thing on-site managers want to encounter is an inefficient mechanical setup.

Less numbers on the ground to oversee your machinery’s functionality mean breakdowns and energy wastage are almost inevitable. With air compressor equipment at the beating heart of many manufacturing systems, it is essential that these are running at their highest capabilities. Often audits are an afterthought triggered by rising energy bills, but this need not be the case. Conducted ahead of adjustments or new installs, air audits can not only save you dollars on operational expenditure but also alleviate service headaches in the short and long term. By choosing Sullair Australia, air audits will be provided to you at your time of need – no matter where you are in the country.

What are the benefits of an air audit?

  • Air audits can help you improve the efficiency of your system, saving you money, time and energy.
  • An audit can help our customers gain a better understanding of their system and its needs, helping you to make smarter equipment choices moving forward.

What is a compressed air audit?

As is widely known in the manufacturing industry, compressed air is one of the more inefficient uses of energy; yet it is still a critical cog in the day-to-day running of most industrial operations. It is therefore essential that your air system is kept running at maximum efficiency so as to avoid wastage (and inflating costs). One way of making sure this is the case is by conducting regular air audits.

An air audit assesses your machinery’s air usage to identify where energy may be being lost. There could be a number of factors in the mix to cause this wastage to be present including things like air leakages, the condition of different machinery being operated in tandem or even the energy level at which a machine runs during the day, versus at night.

With many aspects to take into account, Sullair’s technicians are on hand to conduct an audit for your business at any time which will help reduce energy wastage, enable your machinery to run more efficiently and, as a general rule of thumb, save you money.

Why are air audits important for your business?

Customers come to Sullair looking for air audits for a number of reasons. Often, they have just installed a new machine and their current equipment is struggling to keep up. In other cases, a customer wants Sullair to assess their whole system retrospectively before installing a new machine, so as to minimise impact on their existing setup. Others need help identifying the source of a leak that is causing their energy costs to soar. Whatever the reason, the Sullair team is well-versed in finding the cause of, and solution to, your air system’s problems.

How much do air audits cost?

Sullair generally does not charge for an air audit, though it may differ depending on your setup. Principally, the cost of an air audit should be insignificant in comparison with the dollars you will save through a proper analysis of your system.

Should a client agree to proceed with the recommendations as per the outcomes of the audit, appropriate costs will then be suggested. Sullair is dedicated to providing our clients with solutions to fit their needs and air audits are no exception.

How does Sullair conduct an air audit?

Often our customers give us details of their problem before arriving on site but at a minimum, all air audits start with a walk-through of our customer’s current mechanical setup. Sometimes the main issue will be clear just from this task, however, our qualified technician will continue to carry out the full audit so nothing is missed. The technician will then set up the machinery recording equipment which uses a Bluetooth Scadar device to record the machinery’s data. This equipment is left on site for a week, recording the machine’s activity and efficiency 24/7 in order to give a clear picture as to where there may be issues. This means that if your machine is experiencing problems outside of normal working hours, they will be recorded.

A report is then produced with findings that have measured everything from currents to voltage to dollars spent. This report informs the Sullair team what area of the compressor (or indeed, the whole system) needs attention before recommending a tailored solution for your needs. Sometimes this solution means the reparation of existing equipment, other times the adjustment of a setup so that older and newer machinery can run side-by-side or indeed, the replacement of machinery altogether.

Once the customer has reviewed the recommendations, they can then decide what action they would like to take – if any.

Interested in what an air audit can do for your business?

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Let us help you find the right compressor for your needs

Let us help you find the right compressor
for your needs