an du employee of the year

An Du emerged as the 2023 Employee of the Year at Hitachi Global Air Power Australia, marking a standout accomplishment with a clear testament to his exceptional contributions to the company.

The annual award is voted by staff for staff to recognize those team members who show unwavering commitment to the company and the values of trust, respect, integrity and pioneering spirit. An was recognised not only for his trademark cheerfulness but also a depth of expertise that distinguished him in a field of outstanding nominees.

“He is an absolute character and contributes in every dimension to the life and energy of the Melbourne office,” said Fred Funnell, Managing Director at Hitachi Global Air Power Australia.


“I take my job seriously, but I do it with a smile.”


An joined the team 18 years ago and is part of the National Parts Group. Starting his role in spare parts stores, he has grown his career and built up a wealth of knowledge across all aspects of the company and now uses his know-how to support the team.


“If the company isn’t great, you wouldn’t have people that work here for 30 years or 40 years. The company has got to be good for someone to work there for that long. That’s how I view it anyway.”


Fred Funnell added, “He is the first to jump in and help people with technical problems; his encyclopaedic knowledge of the spare parts business and systems make him a fantastic training resource for everyone in the business.”

Rather than merely solving issues for others, An actively collaborates, believing that sharing knowledge and expertise is crucial for fostering a unified team dedicated to delivering exceptional service.


“Sharing knowledge and support is at the core of an outstanding team, especially in supporting our customers.”


An feels most comfortable getting right into the action. Although he has the option to work from home, he prefers to work in the office, where he can interact directly with the team and lend a helping hand on the spot. It’s the spirit of hands-on, practical support and close teamwork that truly drives him. He often goes above and beyond to see that his customers get what they need to succeed now and in the future.


“The most rewarding part of the job is the people. I actually love the people here. That’s why I come to work.”


His positive mindset extends beyond the workplace, as evidenced by his active participation in activities like Parkrun and his commitment to supporting charitable causes, such as The Royal Melbourne Hospital’s Good Friday Appeal. An not only demonstrates a willingness to assist with any challenge but also forges meaningful connections through exceptional care. His unwavering dedication to those around him truly solidifies his role as an indispensable member of the team. 

It’s no wonder he’s Hitachi Global Air Power’s Employee of the Year.

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