After more than four decades of operation in the region, Hitachi Global Air Power Australia has relocated our Perth branch into a brand new purpose-built facility. In addition to features that will enhance our ability to service customers, we have looked to build in long-term sustainability in support of Hitachi’s environmental goals.

Located just 15 kilometres southeast of Perth’s CBD in Wattle Grove, the new site sits on a footprint of 7500 square metres in a developing and innovative industrial estate. The site was chosen for its great proximity to freight lines, the airport, and the major arteries connecting Perth’s metropolitan area to regional and rural customers. However, the estate it’s situated in also offers a range of benefits that align with the company’sgoals for improving the sustainability of its operations.

“The global goals are for Hitachi group businesses to achieve carbon neutrality through the entire value chain by 2050”, explains Hitachi Global Air Power’s Environment, Health, and Safety Manager Geoff Nevard. “This means generating as much power as we can on-site, and anything not generated on-site is offset”. Hitachi Global Air Power’s goal is to have all green power at every branch. To achieve this, their strategy is to buy green, reduce energy consumption, move to off-grid power (thanks to the solar panels now installed across the majority of branches), offset the remaining emissions, and reduce the use of liquid fuels by replacing existing fleet vehicles with EVs. “We’re starting to outfit some of the national sales fleet with EVs, and Perth has recently received delivery of its first Tesla”, says Geoff. “We have around a dozen Teslas on order around the country, with a quarter of those already delivered”. To accommodate the EV fleet, EV charging stations have also been installed in all the branches, with 4 in place in Perth and expansion planned for that site as more cars are delivered.

“We’re looking for energy efficiency and sustainable operations generally wherever we can”, says Geoff. The Perth branch has a 100kW solar panel system on the roof and a 30kWh battery. With this, they join the Melbourne, Townsville, Mackay, and Brisbane branches, which also have had solar systems installed. “We will be using the battery to reduce our reliance on grid-sourced energy when the sun has gone down”.   

Unique to the Perth branch is an alternative wastewater handling system. Wastewater is treated on-site via bacterial-based biodigesters and discharged into plant beds across the estate rather than entering into the main city sewage system. This is a key feature of the estate, and the Perth branch’s neighbours’ water is also treated in the same way. Wastewater across the entire estate is treated and sustains the plant life surrounding it.  

The green features extend to the office spaces, too, with energy-efficient lighting and climate controls, fully insulated walls and plenty of natural light and fresh air. “Perth is the leading example for other branches when it comes to sustainability”, says Geoff.

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