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In Australia’s drilling industry, known for its extreme conditions and rugged terrains, reliable and efficient compressed air solutions are critical. Recognising and meeting these challenges, Hitachi Global Air Power excels in providing innovative solutions tailored to the needs of this industry.

Julian Forte, National Drilling Manager at Hitachi Global Air Power, sheds light on the specific challenges faced by drilling operations teams in Australia. “The environmental challenges, including weather conditions and the extreme terrain in remote areas, pose significant hurdles for compressed air equipment reliability and performance,” he explains. “Ensuring a consistent and efficient supply of compressed air is essential, allowing drilling teams to maintain productivity and meet project deadlines.”

In response to these challenges, the Sullair 900/1150 combo model has stood fast as an industry game-changer. Engineered to tackle the toughest conditions encountered in drilling operations, this model delivers powerful performance and durability, ensuring a continuous and reliable supply of compressed air.

 “The 900/1150 combo model offers several key features that contribute to enhanced productivity and minimised downtime,” Julian affirms. “Its powerful performance, coupled with advanced air compression technology, delivers high-pressure air efficiently to drilling equipment. Its durability and reliability ensure uninterrupted drilling, reducing costly delays.”

The 900/1150 combo model represents a revolutionary advancement in compressed air technology for the drilling industry, featuring Sullair’s famous two-stage air end. With so few electronic components, the machines are an easy-to-operate, straightforward solution that can be depended upon. In other words? They won’t leave you high and dry in the middle of nowhere.

Paul Musca, Founder of Hagstrom Drilling, attests to the effectiveness of the Sullair combo model in real-world applications. “With our exploration/RC drilling division, we rely on Hitachi Global Air Power compressors because the work is so air-intensive,” Paul explains. “The Sullair 900/1150 combo model offers the essential character traits of durability and longevity, even in challenging locations.”

“We’ve used alternative brands of air compressors over our 30-year history and have found the Sullair brand has proven itself in the field,” he highlights. “We also have a great relationship with Hitachi Global Air Power and Julian.” 

When it comes to equipment servicing and maintenance, Hitachi Global Air Power’s commitment to customer support further amplifies the benefits of its combo models, including the 900/1150. The recent opening of the purpose-built facility in Wattle Grove, Perth, highlights Hitachi Global Air Power’s dedication to empowering greater service capability for its customers. Richard Barnes, Customer Service Manager of the Perth branch, explains the enhanced scope for service delivery offered by the new facility. 

“With increased size and improved facilities, we can now provide efficient, personalised solutions to the local market,” he explains. “This is especially significant for drilling operations in remote areas, where timely service and maintenance are critical.”

As the drilling industry advances, Hitachi Global Air Power continues to meet and exceed the expectations of its customers, empowering their ongoing success.

Why choose the 900/1150 combo model?

  • Powerful performance: The 900/1150 combo model is equipped with a robust engine and advanced air compression technology, delivering high-pressure air efficiently to drilling equipment. 
  • Durability in harsh environments: Designed to withstand the toughest conditions, this model is built with durable materials and features protective elements to ensure reliable operation, even in Australia’s most extreme environments.
  • Customisation for drilling needs: The 900/1150 combo model can be customised to meet the unique requirements of drilling applications, offering flexibility in configuration and additional features such as fire suppression and compliance.
  • Minimised downtime: With its reliability and efficient performance, this combo model helps minimise downtime during drilling operations, ensuring continuous productivity and reducing costly delays.
  • Expert support and service: Backed by Hitachi Global Air Power’s renowned technical proficiency and localised service, users of the 900/1150 combo model can expect expert technical support to optimise their drilling efficiency and maintain peak performance over time.

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