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The Sullair 185A

Built specifically for harsh Australian conditions, the 185A is ready for the highway, the worksite, or the farm.

The Australian agricultural industry depends on heavy duty, reliable equipment and Sullair’s 185A is all that and more. Known as ‘the workhorse of Sullair’s elite mobile fleet’, the 185A is fully optimised and ready to hit the road. An upgrade on the 185, the new Sullair 185A is more portable and compact than ever before. Now with greater fuel efficiency giving it a longer running time, this machine offers the same output and reliability, and a longer period of uninterrupted operation. This means no interruptions in the middle of an average work day to go back and refuel, ensuring high productivity and efficiency – particularly important during harvesting season.

The185A is the jack of all trades and can be commonly seen on construction sites, out on the farm and is a common portable offering in hire and rental. The lightest and mightiest portable compressor of its kind, the 185A is built specifically for harsh Australian conditions and is easier to tow, service and control – whatever the conditions. It’s also approved for use on Australian highways, sites, and country roads.

Who am I? I’m the 185A.

I’m used in the agriculture, hire and rental, sand-blasting and coating, construction and demolition industries. I offer seamless portability, have interior access, and digital controls, along with a state-of-the-art CAT engine. I’m oil-injected and I can deliver compressed air with the same safe, reliable, and efficient output as ever before. Best of all, I have a much longer running time than I used to – I can go all day without needing to be refuelled. I have a fully-bunded, durable sleek shell and let’s just say I am ready for anything. If you keep up my care and maintenance, I may even outlast you.


  • Smaller and lighter than ever – with all the performance
  • Greater fuel efficiency giving it a longer running time
  • State-of-the-art CAT engine
  • A fully-bunded, durable sleek shell
  • Australian highway towable running gear
  • Electronic controllers
  • Serviceable components are within easy reach
  • Triple pass air filter design with twin elements
  • Hinged, pad-lockable cover
  • Heat cladding insulation for all hot exhaust surfaces
The Sullair 185A

Air compressors are an essential piece of equipment and Sullair, a Hitachi Group Company has established a widely respected reputation in Australia for products that offer quality, durability, and reliability. We understand our customer’s needs, and each region has its own stock and spare parts on hand as per local requirements. They are also easy to service units with less electronic components, making them a lower risk solution in harsher environments. Our service team are also trained to provide local expertise and tech support. Our customers know that even in the most remote parts of the country we can respond with service they can depend on. Sullair customers work their equipment hard and the reliability of the Sullair Hitachi brand provides reassurance to them to know they can get the job done. This durability and reliability also make Sullair Hitachi products better value for money in the long run.

You can find more information, including technical specifications, about the 185A on our website. Alternatively, you can contact us here.

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