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When it comes to compressed air solutions, Hitachi Global Air Power Australia is a name synonymous with reliability, performance, and service excellence.

At the forefront of our offering is the oil free compressor range, a line of machines designed to deliver uncompromised purity and efficiency, while catering to diverse industrial needs and ensuring businesses meet the most demanding air quality requirements.

Our oil free compressor range

The current range provides essential solutions for critical applications in industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, food and beverage, and healthcare. The range comprises five distinct product families, each tailored to address specific needs and deliver unparalleled performance. Our three key players however, are the piston, rotary screw and scroll oil free air compressors. Find out more about their features and benefits below.

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Oil free piston air compressors
These units are used primarily in labs, farms, hospitals, and small dental clinics. The OP Oil Free piston compressor is well known for its exceptional durability and efficiency at our customers sites. They are tank-mounted with forklift tines and heavy-duty pistons and are designed to operate indoors and in ambient temperatures of up to 40°C.

Oil free

Oil free rotary screw air compressors
The premium quality DSP oil free screw compressor range is designed and manufactured at the Hitachi factory in Japan and energy efficiency is the name of the game with this range. The Variable Speed Drive can provide energy savings of up to 35% (compared with traditional Fixed Drive). They have an Ecomode function that provides a 2 to 4% power saving compared to conventional fixed speed compressors.

Intelligent Pressure Control provides up to to 7% Energy Savings compared to conventional VSD type compressor (Hitachi patented). DSP Screw compressors are designed with stainless steel rotors, operate with relatively low noise levels and are low maintenance. The air quality produced is Class 0 certified (in terms of oil content in the compressed air outlet). They are most used for food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and laboratory applications.

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Oil free scroll air compressors
Also commonly found in labs, pharmaceutical operations and food and beverage facilities, the SRL scrolls offer the broadest range in the market and are favoured for their modular design and small footprint. The SRL scroll compressors range from 1.5 to 33kW. Specific SRL scroll models are tank mounted with either refrigerated or desiccant dryers. They are low maintenance and energy efficient and of course, produce Class 0 certified oil free air.

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Oil free portable screw ODF1550 air compressors
The OFD1550 makes oil free portable by bringing Class 0 certified oil free air directly to where it’s needed. This is a game changer in industries like oil and gas, hire and rental and mining, where locations change often and are frequently rural or remote. It’s a durable unit built for long-lasting performance that can operate in temperatures ranging from -28°C to 50°C, has high altitude capability and a state-of-the-art touchscreen controller.

48 Series Centrifugal Compressor

Oil free turbo centrifugal compressors
The large turbo product series starts at 150kW and ranges up to 100,000kW. The high-powered impellers utilise modern aerodynamics for the highest energy efficiency, and the Inlet Guide Vane (IGV) design allows compressors to reach higher efficiency under partial load. These units produce a high Class 0 certified oil free air volume and deliver stable air pressure. Popular in mining applications, the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, electronics, petrochemical, and textile industries, as well as glass manufacturing, and automotive painting.

Meet our oil free specialists

We have a dedicated team of oil free compressor specialists to ensure our customers receive the best guidance and support. Covering all regions across Australia, they are experts in providing tailored solutions and expert advice for your specific needs.

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Jean-Philippe Leclercq
Victoria, SA, WA, Tasmania and NT

JP is based at our Melbourne headquarters and is the oil free specialist for Victoria, South Australia, the Northern Territory, Western Australia, and Tasmania.

He can be contacted directly on 03 9703 9007 or at jeanphilippe.leclercq@sullair.com

“Our approach is always to listen to our customer’s expectations and requirements and to get a thorough understanding of the application. This ensures we recommend the most suitable oil free technology and supply the most reliable and efficient package.”

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Matthew Ison
New South Wales

Matt is based in the Sydney office and is the oil free specialist for New South Wales.

He can be contacted directly on 1300 266 773 (ext 9519) or at matthew.ison@sullair.com

“Whether it’s medical, pharmaceutical or food and beverage industry related, supporting our customers with insights into best practice, whilst assisting them to make choices around the best equipment for their needs, is always paramount.”

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Brent Marshall

Brent is based in the Brisbane office and is the oil free specialist for Queensland.

He can be contacted directly on 1300 266 773 (ext 9538) or at brent.marshall@sullair.com

“Hitachi are all about reliability, robustness and extended operating life of their Oil Free air ends. Hitachi’s patented method reduces operating temperature and heat generation during capacity reduction, thus extending air end life.”

Our oil free specialists are committed to understanding your unique requirements and helping you choose the perfect oil free compressor for your business needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your local oil free specialist if you have any questions or would like further information.

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